Spring Cleaning

If you’ve ever heard of Marie Kondo, then you know she’s serious about keeping things tidy. She’s written four books all about organizing your belongings, and she’s even the star of her own Netflix series, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. Her method for deciding what should be kept and what should be considered junk boils down to this: does that particular item “spark joy”, or make your life better in some way? If it does, then maybe you should hold on to it. If not, though, it might be time to let go of it. As spring comes along, so does the desire to leap into spring cleaning… meaning that Marie Kondo’s wisdom shines even brighter than it did the rest of the year.

These tourism hotspots attract travelers from the entire world over. So whether you’re a homeowner hosting out-of-town family members, a restaurant that’s looking to serve hungry tourists, or a rental company that needs to keep its properties nice and tidy, you understand the importance of spring cleaning. Here are some tips for you to keep in mind.

  • Don’t be afraid to let go. Sometimes, a part of you will want to hold on to junk. In these cases, you should seriously assess what use the item serves to you, whether it improves your life, and whether it’s needlessly taking up space. Remember what Marie Kondo said about items “sparking joy”. Does this item spark joy? If not, get rid of it!
  • Clean inside and out. Spring cleaning often doesn’t just involve the inside of your house. It involves the outside of your house, too. As spring arrives, so do weeds, overgrown grass, brush, and other examples of yard waste. Don’t be afraid to grab your gardening tools and do a little work on your landscaping!
  • Donate gently used items. Sure, you might have found some items you don’t need, but that doesn’t mean you should just send them to the garbage can. In fact, your lightly used belongings will make for great donations at your local Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity ReStore, or another similar charity drop-off.

Of course, spring cleaning can often be physically demanding, especially if you need to get rid of something heavy like furniture or an appliance. In these cases, you might want to consider calling for help. You can do exactly that thanks to Junk Removal Rangers. We are the premier junk removal service near you because we are a locally owned business that is rooted in our community. Around this time of the year, we keep busy thanks to the spring cleaning needs of our clients. During this time, we catch up with repeat customers… as long as making new connections with first-time clients. We’d love to make a connection with you, too. Browse all of our services or learn how our service works in more detail.

With spring comes new life, and with springs comes a chance for your space to be born anew as well. Happy cleaning!