Orlando Bulk Item Pickup Guide

Certain community ordinances make getting rid of junk difficult. Projects, like downsizing everything for an upcoming move or remodeling your kitchen, frequently leave you with a pile of bulk items and junk.

Big, bulky items are hard to move and carry around, and getting rid of them safely from your house usually means taking them apart from others. Bulky item and Junk Removal Services are perfect for bigger items that won’t fit in your garbage can!

Bulk Item

Orlando Bulk Item Pickup Guide

Bulk items are gigantic or oversized items of junk that are challenging for trucks from your city or community’s junk services to collect and dispose of. Usually, bulk items need to be disassembled to fit into a garbage truck or junk removal service. Bulk junk comprises massive household items such as televisions, appliances, mattresses, furniture, and exercise equipment that are too big to be thrown out with regular garbage.

Mattresses and furniture may be able to be hauled to the curb, but your neighborhood’s bulk garbage collection agency will typically ignore them until the designated day or week for pickup of bulk items or may ask you to schedule a special pickup. It will next be necessary for you to move the items back into your house or garage.

Just so you know, you might get fined if you don’t pick up your trash or trash cart and big stuff from the curb! Furthermore, your neighbors are unlikely to find it appealing when appliances, mattresses, or furniture are left out on the curb for several days.

Bulk Item Requirements

·        You must request pickup of bulk items 48 hours before the day of your regular garbage collection

·        You have to put bulk items on the curb on the same day that you have scheduled for garbage collection.

·        Larger items, such as carpets, tree branches, lumber, and pipes, must be divided into 4-foot parts.

·        Things should not weigh more than fifty pounds. Anything over fifty pounds needs to be disassembled.

·        It is required to wrap and seal all mattresses and upholstered furniture in plastic bags.

·        Appliances need to have their Freon removed and labeled by a qualified technician.

Types of Pickup for Bulk Items

Curbside Pickup

Curbside Pickup

Items that are too big and cumbersome to fit in an ordinary garbage bag, mix yard waste such as boxes and outdoor waste from housecleaning, are thrown away curbside.

Make an appointment with a junk removal service and leave your bulk items outside for convenient removal.

In-home Pickup

When you schedule in-home pickup, the junk or trash removal service will come to your house or place of business and remove your bulk items straight out of there. Junk removers can handle the job for you if the bulky large items are too big and too many.

Acceptable Bulk Items

The following items can be put at the curb because they are acceptable bulk items and recyclables:

·        Air Conditioners (Freon Removed)

·        Air Hockey Tables

·        Aquariums & Tanks

·        Appliances (Freon Removed)

·        Barstools

·        Basketball Ring & Stand

·        Bathtubs & Showers

·        Bikes

·        Broken Down & Stacked Cardboard Boxes

·        Carpet Cut Into 6-Foot Rolls

·        Couches

·        Dehumidifiers (Freon Removed)

·        Dining Room Hutches

·        Dining Room Tables

·        Disassembled Swing Sets

·        Dressers (Mirrors Detached)

·        Dryers

·        Doors

·        Exercise Equipment

·        Fence Panels

·        Foosball Tables

·        Freezers (Freon Removed)

·        Furnaces

·        Furniture

·        Glass

·        Grills

·        Hot Tubs & Spas

·        House & Office Furniture

·        Humidifiers (Freon Removed)

·        Kitchen Chairs

·        Kitchen Sinks

·        Kitchen Tables

·        Large Safes

·        Lawn Mowers (Gas Removed)

·        Massage Tables

·        Mattress & Box Springs

·        Microwaves

·        Office Cubicles

·        Outdoor Fireplace

·        Pianos & Keyboards

·        Ping Pong Tables

·        Plastic bottles

·        Playground Equipment

·        Poker Tables

·        Podiums

·        Pool Equipment

·        Pool Tables

·        Reclining Chairs

·        Refrigerators (Freon Removed)

·        Rugs

·        Sandboxes

·        Sheds

·        Shuffleboard Tables

·        Single Beds

·        Single Windows

·        Small End Tables

·        Small TVs (Glass Taped)

·        Snow Blowers

·        Stationary Tubs

·        Stoves &  Ovens

·        Stuffed Chairs

·        Sofas

·        Swing Sets

·        Tanning Beds

·        Toilets & Bidets

·        Traditional & Steam Saunas

·        Video Arcade Games

·        Water Heaters

·        Washers

·        Yard Waste

Unacceptable Bulk Items

The following household items shouldn’t be put at the curb because they are unacceptable bulk items:

·        Brick

·        Car parts & demolition materials for construction

·        Concrete

·        Grease

·        Liquids

·        Paint or other substances that could be hazardous

·        Rock

·        Roofing shingles

·        Tires Or Passenger Car Tires

Orlando Bulk Item Pickup Guide Process

proper construction debris disposal

If your bulky items are too big for your neighborhood garbage disposal, you can arrange for a pickup online or by calling Junk Removal Services. Numerous trustworthy local junk removal services are available to take up your bulky items quickly, conveniently, and environmentally. With their handy outside collection services, they can conveniently pick up your bulky items straight from the curb. Alternatively, they will come into your house to disassemble them and remove them away for you.

The following is the pickup guide process for your bulk items.

Step 1: Look For Trustworthy Local Junk Removal Services

Local junk removal services are widely available, however not all of them are trustworthy or provide environmentally friendly services.

Step 2: Check Their Availability

The items and services that can be picked up in bulk depend on the location and the availability and cost of Junk Removal Services. Make sure they can pick up your bulk items.

Step 3: Ask If The Bulk Items Are Acceptable Or Not

Contact them and ask out if your bulk items will be accepted and if you may leave them at the curb for pickup or if they must come to your house.

When making an appointment, you must indicate any appliances, electronics, tires, or fluorescent tubes. These items must then be placed to the side of your bulky waste pile so that they can be properly recycled.

Step 4: Confirm The Pickup Date

Items should not be placed at the recycling curb until you have confirmed your pickup date with them.

Step 5: Prepare Your Bulk Items  

If you scheduled curbside pickup, have your bulk items ready and set them at the curb at least 24 hours before the scheduled pickup.

Place it on the same side of the roadway in front of your property line, one foot away from the curb or pavement edge, and on a level, solid surface. Never place a pile beneath a low hanging tree limbs, parked cars, or power line. Avoid obstructing the gutters, sidewalk, or traffic. Maintain a six-foot distance between the pile and any obstructions, such as mailboxes, cars, basketball baskets, etc.

They will inform and contact you once the bulk items are collected.