How To Get Rid Of Storage Unit Stuff

Over time, it’s common to acquire an enormous amount of material belongings and eventually outgrow your home’s capacity to accommodate them all. This is among the many reasons why individuals lease or rent storage units. Even yet, if you keep adding unwanted items to them and don’t routinely evaluate their contents, rental storage units can easily become overly jam-packed.

Worry no less as we dive to learn how to get rid of storage unit stuff.

How To Get Rid Of Storage Unit Stuff

get rid of storage unit stuff

Prepare your tools and protective gear, then let’s get to work on how to get rid of storage unit stuff.

Step #1: Know Your Purpose

Starting with the purpose for self storage unit, which you’re cleaning out and getting rid of your storage unit in the first place will make the process go much more smoothly. Would you like your storage unit to be empty? Do you need more storage space?

Determining why you are cleaning and getting rid of your storage unit stuff will help you get started, regardless of cost or whether your goal is decreasing clutter.

Step #2: Choose The Day

Since cleaning is a process that you will have to endure, it is crucial to choose a day to do it. You wouldn’t want to overload yourself with work and become stressed out if you didn’t make time for this in your calendar. By doing this, you’ll have plenty of time to sort everything and determine what stuff must be thrown out and what items removed which can be stored.

Choose a day that works best for you and dedicate some time to organizing the stuff in the storage unit.

Step #3: Make An Inventory List

You may keep track of the stuff in your storage unit, both those you’ll need to put away and those you’ll want to keep on hand, by making an inventory. Having a list will come in handy when you eventually decide to clean out your storage unit because you might have forgotten some of the stuff you placed up for storage and realize you don’t need them right now. 

Step #4: Provide A Workspace

sorting out storage unit stuff

Make room for sorting stuff in the center of your storage unit. If your storage unit is overflowing with belongings, pick a spot outside the unit to organize your belongings. You should have plenty of room to arrange however you see fit if you have one of those outdoor units. 

Step #5: Decide Your Method Of Organizing

Sort things in the storage unit by going through and organizing them appropriately. You can begin on one side of the storage unit cleanout, and work your way around to do all the heavy lifting the other. Whether you wish to start farther left or farther right, from front to back, or in any other direction, is entirely up to you. You won’t have to worry as much about cleaning through each storage unit if you have an effective, methodical technique.

Furthermore, you can label boxes to organize your belongings. Make sure to label them with the appropriate donation category, such as To Donate, To Sell, To Keep, or To Throw Away, based on what’s inside.

Step #6: Clear Out Your Stuff

The majority of cities provide bulk trash pick-up or disposal. Place the few stuff you’re getting rid of in your regular waste. However, if you have a lot of stuff to get rid of, check online to find out how your local town or city handles bulk waste. Large volumes of waste can be dropped off for free at local recycling center or the dump located in the great majority of cities and municipalities. In certain places, it can even be picked up from wherever you are!

Step #7: Organize The Other Areas

Clear away any lingering debris and get rid of it. Sweeping the floors and cleaning the walls—if there are any scuff marks—will complete the task. When you leave the storage unit, make sure your storage area is tidy and free of damage to avoid paying cleaning costs.

Step #8: Give Away Well-Maintained Stuff

give away storage unit stuff

Give something to someone in need if you can’t use it yourself. Whatever you don’t need for yourself, find a decent home. Check if the homeless shelter in your community needs some furniture, clothing, or blankets. Perhaps you could visit your nearby school to drop off pencils, pens, and other materials. If no one in the area needs your stuff, you could try donating to a nationwide organization.

Step #9: Sell Expensive Stuff Online

How about earning some money as you organize the larger items in your storage unit? It’s a win-win situation if you can earn some money while organizing!

After taking pictures of everything worth selling, go online. Establish your rates and provide a brief description for each item. Post your stuff for sale online and add free stuff.

Step #10: Have A Yard Sale

The most effective strategy to sell a lot of stuff quickly is to have a yard sale. If you have a good amount of foot traffic where you reside and your storage locker or unit is full of high-quality stuff, move everything inside for a yard sale. Post flyers around and use local Facebook groups to publicize the yard sale.

Set everything up in your yard or on the sidewalk the day of the garage sale, then wheel and deal your way to a profit and a clear storage unit!

Step #11: Hire A Junk Removal Company

If nothing is worth keeping, hire someone else to do this for you. Numerous other junk removal service companies exist that will come by, load up and pack a truck with everything you own, and remove it from your property.

Simply look up local junk removal companies online, give them a call to get different costs, and arrange to meet them at the storage facility or unit so they can begin working.

Step #12: Sell The Whole Storage Unit

Buyers do purchase entire storage units! There is a whole subculture of people who purchase entire storage unit of stuff to profitably resell each thing individually.

Go online and advertise that you are selling a whole storage unit on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. Await offers before selling the entire storage unit cleaned out.