How To Get Rid Of An Old Couch In Orlando: Your Complete Guide

A couch is one of those bulky things that can be difficult to get rid of. You can’t just put it out on the curb and wait for regular pickup because it’s not technically waste materials. 

If you purchase a new couch from a retail establishment, they may dispose of your old couch; otherwise, you are responsible for getting rid of it. There are specific days that certain neighborhoods offer for bulk item pickups, but you may have to wait days or even weeks for another chance to pick up. Fortunately, selling, trading, recycling, and donating are just a few of the options to think about when getting rid of an old couch. 

You can now dispose of and recycle your very old sofa and couch responsibly by using the following suggestions, which will also be responsible disposal to help the environment and cut down on waste:

Guide on How To Get Rid Of Old Couch Orlando Area

Giveaway At The Curbside

how to get rid old couch in orlando

No couch needs to wind up in a landfill just because you put it on the curb. It can be left outside with a “For Free” sign, and you can hope someone will take it. 

Many cities now offer such curbside free pickup and same day pickup services to assist residents in disposing of their belongings in an environmentally responsible manner. Make the necessary preparations and follow the guidelines, if there is one in your area; otherwise, you could end up punished. Observe the curbside pickup schedule and disposal regulations set forth by the city and the specific days or periods on which it is allowed.

Reuse Or Recycle It

You can make something new and functional out of an old couch if you want to get crafty. You might cut it apart, for instance, and use the parts to build a brand-new furniture items or an original artwork. 

Give Away The Couch

Another option is to try giving your couch for free on social media or through online listings. You may put up a sign (for free) outside your door.

Make sure the pickup truck’ terms are secure and keep an eye out for con artists.

Donations of gently used furniture are accepted by many different organizations. To find out if they accept couch donations, you might consider getting in touch with nonprofits and charitable organizations first. Note that not every donation place will be able to accommodate old furniture donations, donation of large, heavy items, or bulkier furniture pieces.

Inspect to make sure there are no major damages on the furniture and that upholstered furnishings, and large items like couches and chairs, are free of rips, tears, stains, and foul smells. Remember that every organization has its donation policies, so give them a call to find out if these things are acceptable at your local charity or your neighborhood donation center.

Have A Garage Or Yard Sale

old couch

You can organize your house into a garage or yard sale a nd add or sell furniture pick your old couch if you have other things you’d like to get rid of. Organizing your home and earning some extra money can be enjoyable with this. To attract more purchasers, you might also think about organizing your house into a larger sale with a few neighbors.

Sell The Sofa Online

You may try selling your couch on websites like eBay Facebook Marketplace, or Online Marketplaces if it’s still in decent condition. Provide high-quality images, then arrange for your buyer to pick it up or offer the delivery service for an extra fee. 

Trade It

If you purchase a new couch from a certain furniture supplier, they may accept your old couch. They might also offer your old couch removal as a perk for buying a new one, or they might give you a dollar credit that you can use to buy new furniture. 

Make sure to check their terms!

Reach Out To A Recycling Facility For Furniture

Old couches can be responsibly recycled at some furniture recycling facilities, helping the environment and reducing waste. You’ll probably have to bring your furniture to them because they might not be able to pick it up. 

If they can extract a scrap metal, they might have wanted to pay upfront price for it.

Visit A Local Scrap Yard Or Recycling Center

old couch in orlando

You must first contact and get in touch with the receiving site to find out how they handle furniture removal before proceeding to accept furniture in this manner. It can be necessary to disassemble the couch for simpler transportation or divide its component pieces according to material. If so, you will have to take the cushions out and throw them in the trash. Next, take the frame apart. Make sure you are aware of the operating’ business hours so you may deliver the couch at a time when the place of delivery can accept it.

Reach Out With A Junk Removal Service

Large and bulky furniture can be removed from your home by very depending junk removal services for a cost that proudly serving Orlando. Usually, the charge may vary depending by weight of heavy lifting or volume, but factors such as the service you decide on, the distance between your home and the recycling facility or dump site, and any applicable local dumping or recycling taxes, may affect the cost. 

Look for the best deals in your neighborhood by doing an in-depth search. Many junk removal services prefer online booking system. Consider to book online for smooth procedure.


Although old couch removal in Orlando may seem like an overwhelming task, there are a lot of ways accessible. Think about selling, giving away, or donating your couch if it’s in good condition and good shape. Should it be in poor condition or bad shape, think about hiring a reputable junk removal service to handle the task. They’ll simplify and streamline the procedure. Whichever method you decide on, be sure to take care of the environment and dispose of your old couch properly.