We understand that people have different questions and concerns about our junk removal services. That’s why we’ve put together this page—so you can get the answers you’re looking for sooner rather than later!

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Frequently Asked Questions

As a junk removal company in Orlando, FL, we encounter lots of different people, projects, and challenges. As such, we consider ourselves professionals when it comes to hauling away your junk. That’s exactly why we’ve got the know-how to answer your questions about our industry, too. Check below and see what FAQs our other clients have been asking. Or, come to us with your own questions by contacting us online!

How Does Junk Removal Work?

When you choose Junk Removal Rangers, the process is simple. We’ll bring an empty truck, a team that’s ready to work, and our best attitudes possible. Then, you’ll just show us what needs to go, and we’ll haul it away. It’ll be relieving to watch all that junk leave your property and go onto our truck. Then, once all our work is complete, we’ll take the junk away to a nearby disposal site. That’s pretty much the entire rundown of how it works! However, you can learn more about our junk removal process here.


What Can You Take?

A lot more than your typical trash collection service, that’s for sure! Junk Removal Rangers has taken all kinds of junk off our customers’ hands, including furniture, appliances, hot tubs, yard debris, construction waste, and so much more. However, we have to draw the line when it comes to hazardous items. We don’t take pressurized containers, fuels, car fluids, herbicides, wet paint, or anything else that might endanger our team or our planet. Got questions about what you’d like us to take? Don’t hesitate to visit our Services page to learn more.


How Much Work Will I Do?

We wouldn’t be called a “full-service” junk removal business if you had to do the work for yourself. Junk Removal Rangers prides itself on taking the responsibility of junk removal out of the hands of the individual, and because of this, you can just kick back and relax during your appointment. You don’t have to bring your junk out to the curb. You don’t have to haul alongside us. Heck, you don’t even have to hold the door for us. We do it all because you deserve a break!


What Does Junk Removal Cost?

The total amount you’ll pay for our junk removal is dependent on the amount of junk you have us haul away. This is because we use a volume-based pricing scale. We believe this to be the fairest method of determining junk removal prices, as small jobs get smaller prices, and big jobs get bigger prices. We will never add hidden fees to what you’re paying, either. Feel free to give us a call, and you can tell us details about what you’d like us to remove so you can get an over-the-phone estimate.


Are You Part of a Franchise?

We are locally owned, not a franchise! Junk Removal Rangers couldn’t be prouder of the fact that we’re a local junk removal business in your community. We think this makes all the difference when it comes to quality of service, too. We don’t have franchise fees to pay, meaning we don’t have reasons to “upsell” you on extra services to make ends meet. We’re all from the Orlando Area, so expect to meet friendly neighbors during your appointment, too. Finally, know that, as your local friends, we’re committed to going above and beyond for you. Whether we’re hauling a heavy sofa out of your home or emptying out your commercial property, we’ll give 100% of our effort so we can earn your five-star review.


How Soon Can You Be There?

Now that you’ve reached the end of our FAQs, we’re happy to hear that you’re excited to meet us. The good news is that Junk Removal Rangers is ready to get to work. We’re open Monday through Saturday, 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. What’s more, you can even claim a same-day junk removal appointment if you act fast. We have availability open, but these windows are usually the first to go! Book now!