What To Do With Old Furniture

Disposing of old furniture can be challenging considering its large size and weight, particularly when several pieces need to be disposed of. Whether you’re moving, doing a house cleanout, or just replacing old furniture, removing furniture may be easier, safer, and more effective with a well-thought-out plan. 

You probably have a lot on your mind and are wondering what to do with old furniture. Donating it to the donation center just to haul it away or looking online for a junk and old furniture removal service? Worry no less! We have plenty of options!

Your Options On What To Do With Old Furniture

what to do with old furniture

Upgrade It

An upgrade could give your old furniture a whole new lease on life. It is also eco-friendly! It could be as easy as applying a fresh coat of paint. Should you be dealing with solid wood pieces, perhaps giving them a fresh coat of stain would make them blend in better with the other pieces. 

A wide range of tutorials on how to upgrade drawers, remove stains from wood furniture, apply a vintage finish, as well as other tasks could be found on the internet. 

Reuse Or Recycle 

Recycling furniture, metal, disposal of other things is a hobby of many do-it-yourselfers. Taking on a fun DIY project may help you to get rid of and recycle your old, unwanted, furniture items, too.

Put It Down At The Curb 

You might consider dumping the old furniture to the curb if it is in good shape, has significant damage, holes, rips, marks, or odors, and isn’t in good enough condition to be handed over. Before bringing the bulky goods outside of your property, make sure to get in touch with the local garbage collection services. They may have policies on what can and cannot be picked up, as well as any possible costs or fines. 

Put It In The Landfill 

It’s also possible to take your old furniture straight to the landfill if it turns out that your town, homeowners association, or neighborhood regulations prohibit you from leaving things outdoors for others to pick up. To make sure the facility is ready to accept every piece of old furniture you’re getting rid of, make sure to get in touch with it before you arrive. 

Sell Online 

Selling your old furniture online can be a profitable endeavor for those who aren’t obliged to get rid of their old furniture right away and in excellent condition. There are many user-friendly, free services available to help you reach your target audience, including community message boards, social media platforms like Facebook Marketplace, and websites that offer classified ads. 

Interest-driven purchasers may frequently pull up to your property and take their purchases independently, which is another plus of selling online. 

Make A Charitable Donation 

The most socially responsible option for old furniture removal is to donate it to a charity. You might be able to claim a tax deduction to donate furniture, which will go to a deserving home. 

Donation centers are very different from one place to another, so be sure to find out all the details for the one closest to you. If you are unable to locate a nearby donation center, you might want to donate furniture to nearby thrift shops or shelters. 

Though furniture pickup services and such are the rarest, some local charities and donation centers let you arrange for a time and space to have old or gently used furniture and items picked up at no cost to your property. Usually, you will need to drop the furniture disposal or off large items of things at their donation center.

We are here to help you with all the heavy lifting and transportation, so all you have to do is contact us, send your address, and we will handle the rest.

Have A Garage Sales

A fantastic option to get rid of old furniture and earn some money is through garage sales. Cons: It takes time, involves back-and-forth bargaining, effort to move and remove your old furniture to the sale site, and demands you to stay for the actual sale. 

If you simply have a few pieces of furniture to get rid of, it could seem unnecessary to plan a profitable garage sale. Look around your neighborhood; you could discover that some of your neighbors have similar situations. Organize a community sale together if you want to get support in managing the event and possibly attract a larger audience. 

Sell At A Second-Hand Store Or On Consignment 


A consignment and second-hand store is a fantastic choice if your old furniture is very well-maintained, valuable, or in excellent condition. Do some research. There are differences in the target market, pricing range, and policies of each store, so one can be more suitable or less expensive than the others. 

Make Arrangements For Removal And Pickup

Sadly, not every old furniture can be preserved over time. Although it can be done by yourself, it can take a lot of time and work to put it into the back of a truck and drive it to the local landfill or curb. Hence, a lot of individuals choose to work with a professional junk removal service. 

Hire A Professional Junk Removal Service 

Do you now have an option on what to do with old furniture? Whatever option it is, it is best to hire a junk removal service. Hiring a junk removal service to get rid of old furniture has numerous benefits, but the main one is that they handle all the labor for you. You won’t have to do anything – especially heavy lifting; the Junk Removal Rangers team will remove your bulky, old furniture from your property and load it onto their trucks! 

Always remember that you can count on your professional Junk Removal Rangers team to transport and responsibly dispose of your old furniture items in line with local regulations. This full furniture disposal and used furniture removal service also includes getting rid of the junk, donating the donatable, and recycling the materials into recyclables. You don’t even need to lift or move your old and large furniture items around—we take care of everything!