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Clermont Waste Management and Junk Removal

Junk Removal Rangers will be happy to take on your Clermont, FL junk removal project!

Don’t want to spend your day off taking junk to an Orange County landfill? You won’t have to thanks to us. Our full-service employees specialize in junk removal, so when you have clutter, all you do is point to it and tell them you want it gone. Just like that, it’s gone—into our truck!

The Clermont Junk Removal Process

Junk removal can seem like a lengthy process, but when Junk Removal Rangers is on the case, they’ll get the job done in a timely manner so you can get back to your life.

  • First and foremost, we will arrive right on time for your appointment. You’ll know we’re on our way when you receive our courtesy call.
  • Next, show us the junk you’d like us to take off your hands, accept our upfront service quote, and stand back as our experts get to work!
  • We will be careful not to scuff your walls or floors while hauling away your junk. It won’t be long before it’s all in our truck instead of on your property.
  • Finally, we’ll depart so we can handle the disposal of all your junk. Items that are still in good condition will be donated to a local charity.
Cost of Clermont Junk Removal

You can get professional junk removal services without paying top dollar thanks to our prices!

  • It’s important that you never pay hidden fees. We will always provide you with upfront quotes that account for all the pricing factors from the start.
  • The primary factor for what you pay is how much junk we take off your hands and how much space it takes up in our truck.
  • You are not obligated to pay anything until you sign off on our upfront quote. Then, we’ll get straight to work and haul away that junk!

Items We Take

  • Clothing and Toys
  • Electronics and TVs
  • Play Equipment

  • Exercise Equipment
  • Carpets and Rugs
  • Barbecue Grills

How Clermont Junk Removal Works


Want to claim a same-day or next-day appointment? Then don’t wait to contact us! You can either book online or call us at 407-305-4707.


We will provide you with an upfront quote based on how much junk you need us to take. Give us your signature, and we will leap into action.


We know you don’t want to host us all day, which is why keep our nose to the grindstone and finish the work quickly. Then, we’re out of there!



We’re always happy to collect junk throughout the Greater Orlando Area. Some of our many service areas include Kissimmee, Lake Nona, St. Cloud, and of course, Orlando.