Whether it’s moving junk removal or relocating your most cherished items, Junk Removal Rangers are here to assist with your big move. Our junk removal services come at affordable rates, especially designed for residents in the Orlando area.

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At Junk Removal Rangers, we specialize in more than just removing unwanted junk. As a professional company committed to serving our community, we proudly offer moving help and real estate services, in addition to junk removal in Orlando.

Our expertise extends to efficient transportation solutions for those in Florida who are interested.

Our full-service crew takes pride in simplifying your life. Your only task is to point out what needs moving, and we’ll handle all the heavy lifting, loading, and hauling of your possessions.

With our truck at the ready, we’re eager to hear from our happy clients about their experiences with our junk removal service and junk pickup in Orlando FL.


With Junk Removal Rangers handling the hauling junk and moving, you won’t need to lift a finger or haul a box. If you’re in the midst of moving, let us tackle the hard work. This allows you to focus on the exciting future ahead. Should you find additional items for junk pick-up, we’re ready to add them to our truck load, making your transition smoother and more enjoyable.

  • Contact – First, you’ll need to reach out to us by phone or book online to schedule an appointment. Regardless of how you contact us, we can get a free estimate for you on the cost of our services, especially tailored for our clients in Orlando Florida.
  • Approval – Upon arriving at your location, we’ll assess the bulky items and old furniture you need moved or hauled and provide you with a firm pricing quote. This no obligation estimate is as solid as gold, ensuring transparency in our cost estimate. Whether for homes or businesses in the Orlando community, we’ll start working as soon as you give us the go-ahead.
  • Service – Just show us the unwanted items you need moved, and we’ll handle all the hard labor, including attic cleaning, removing discarded items, and debris removal. Whether it’s relocating construction debris to a new site or disposing of waste, we’re fully equipped for the job. Plus, with our next day service in your city, we’re always ready to help with both junk and moving tasks promptly.
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Opting for Junk Removal Rangers means selecting a service that’s not only trustworthy and reliable but also committed to eco-friendly junk removal. With us, you’re giving your junk a new life, while you save time and contribute positively to Orange County.

  • Local – When you use our services, you’re backing a local business. Junk Removal Rangers is a locally owned company, established by Veterans dedicated to delivering top-notch service, including disposal solutions for your home or office in Orlando Florida.
  • Affordable – Being a local business enables us to offer more competitive pricing than larger commercial companies. We’re not in the business of breaking the bank; instead, we’re committed to doing all the heavy lifting at wallet-friendly costs. We always love to hear from our happy customers about their satisfaction with our services.
  • Eco-Friendly – Whether we’re moving junk or getting rid of it, we always act responsibly. Our large trucks can carry more, reducing the number of trips and lessening environmental impact. We prioritize avoiding local landfills and properly handling hazardous waste. Through recycling and finding ways to recycle and donate, such as to Habitat for Humanity, we ensure that items are given new life wherever possible.


Garage Cleanouts

Sometimes when it comes to moving, the garage can be one of the more intimidating tasks. Let our team take care of it, and it’ll be done in no time!

Appliance Removal

If you’re looking to take that washer and dryer set with you when you move, the experts at Junk Removal Rangers will be more than happy to help you move those appliances.

Furniture Removal

We know that one of the worst parts of moving is getting the furniture down stairs and through doorways. Our team can handle any furniture, carefully and efficiently.

Basement Cleanouts

If you’re like a lot of other people, your basement is probably full of totes and boxes that need to be lugged up the stairs. Instead of breaking your back, let our team do the hauling for you.

Light Demolition

If your move includes selling your house, you may need some light demolition done on the property. We can safely tear down and remove many small structures.

And More

Our training and experience is suited to moving and hauling of all kinds. Not sure if we are up for the job? Just call us to find out if your job is within our capabilities to accomplish safely.


Power Tools
Lawn Furniture
Exercise Equipment
Sports Gear
Household Decor
Bedroom Furniture


Getting Started


When you’re ready to move, our Junk Removal Rangers can help you with the heavy lifting. You can book your appointment by contacting us online or calling us at 407-305-4707.

Courtesy Calls


We will give you a quick call to let you know when we’re on the way. But don’t you worry, we always arrive on time and ready to work.

Efficient Service


Our work starts right after you approve our quote. As soon as you’ve packed everything up, we’ll promptly clear it out, making more space for you. Rest assured, we will move your possessions safely and with great care.