Junk Removal Rangers is your reliable choice for hot tub removal in Orlando. With extensive experience in hot tub disposal, our team is well-equipped to handle any type of old hot tub you might have. Trust us to efficiently and effectively take care of your hot tub removal needs!

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Everyone enjoys a soak in a brand-new hot tub, but an old, damaged, and filthy one? That’s a different story. If your average hot tub has become an eyesore and you’re avoiding it, it’s time to consider removing hot tubs from your space. Don’t let an unused tub take up room—contact Junk Removal Rangers for our hot tub removal services in Orlando, FL. Our hot tub removal process is streamlined to dispose of old hot tubs efficiently, saving you time and effort. Plus, we do all the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to. Interested in the hot tub removal cost? We offer a free estimate, making it easy and convenient to plan your tub’s removal. Say goodbye to your old tub and reclaim your space with our help!


Removing an unwanted hot tub, jacuzzi, or spa removal is a tough task, often involving heavy lifting and sometimes demolition skills. Feel overwhelmed? Don’t worry, Junk Removal Rangers is here for your hot tub removal projects in Orlando, FL. As a junk removal company, we specialize in taking those burdens off your hands, including hot tub removal Orlando. When you’re ready to say goodbye to a tub that’s no longer hot tub worth, contact us.

We’ll not only save money for you but also extra time. Our team swiftly and efficiently handles the job at a reasonable price. Plus, we ensure your hot tub is properly disposed of at the local landfill. If there are plumbing lines involved, we can coordinate with a local plumber to responsibly dispose of everything. For a transparent and accurate service cost, we offer an on-site estimate, ensuring you get the best value for your specific needs.


Hot tub spas come in various sizes and styles, requiring different removal methods by our team. Small tubs might be easy to lift and carry away, much like moving a piece of furniture. But if your hot tub spa is set up in a more complex way, especially if it’s installed on the ground or flat surfaces, we have the skills to handle it. For complicated setups, we might need to cut the tub into smaller sections for easier removal.

This can include cutting through concrete bases if that’s where your tub sits. Rest assured, our expertise in handling junk takes into account every aspect of safe and efficient removal. Plus, we’re fully insured, giving you peace of mind and a reason to leave any challenging or potentially risky demolition work to our professionals.

Junk Removal Rangers is always ready to assist you. If you need to schedule an appointment, simply reach out to us online. We’ll inquire about your hot tub’s details, its current location, and your preferred timing for our services. Unlike most companies, we understand the urgency of your needs. That’s why we’re happy to offer same-day and next-day appointments.

Whether you’re moving the hot tub to a new location or simply clearing it from the same property, we ensure swift and efficient service, letting you say goodbye to that hot tub as soon as possible!


  1. Before our arrival, we kindly ask you to drain the tub, double check that it’s disconnected from the main water line, and ensure it’s not connected to any power sources. If your hot tub has one, using a sump pump can speed up the draining process. Also, please remove any hot tub covers. Once these steps are completed, we’ll take care of everything else, making the removal process as smooth and hassle-free for you as possible.
  2. We’ll provide a courtesy call to inform you of our imminent arrival, ensuring you’re prepared and have your hot tub ready for removal. After we arrive at your scheduled appointment, we’ll present you with an upfront service quote. Upon your acceptance of our quote, we’ll immediately begin the process of getting rid of your hot tub.
  3. We can handle everything, whether it’s carrying, cutting, or taking out concrete. Your job is just to relax and watch us do our thing. You won’t have to lift a finger!
  4. In the end, we’ll take your payment and quickly be on our way, leaving you to enjoy your backyard again. Rest assured, we’ll make sure your hot tub is taken to a recycling facility or local landfills for proper disposal, completing the service responsibly after your appointment.


Dealing with concrete is often a challenging aspect of a hot tub removal job. Although concrete might seem tough and unbreakable, it’s not as formidable as it might seem, and we at Junk Removal Rangers are up to the task. If your hot tub is on a concrete base, we can effectively remove it, often using a sledgehammer. It’s impressive how a precise swing can break the concrete, allowing us to clear away the pieces. While it may seem like a DIY project, having us handle this part of your hot tub removal job can save time and ensure safety. We come equipped with protective gear and will make sure you’re at a safe distance during the process.

If we need to remove concrete neatly, we have other methods too. One way is using a special saw with a diamond blade that can cut through concrete smoothly and straight. We always have this tool ready just in case we need it. Basically, no matter how tough the concrete base is, it won’t stop us from getting your hot tub removal done in Orlando, FL!


Junk Removal Rangers, a veteran-owned business in Orlando, is happy to haul away your hot tubs, spas, jacuzzis, and more! We are a local company, so when you choose us, you’re choosing to support your neighborhood entrepreneurs and your area’s economy. In return, we’ll work quickly, never dragging our feet and never wasting your time. You’ll also love our fair prices, our friendly service, and the way we always put you, the customer, first! We’ll remove your hot tub and reclaim that free space for you. That way, you can use it for a garden, a deck, or anything else, really!