Hot Tub Removal in Orlando, FL

The dependable hot tub pick up option is Junk Removal Rangers. We are an experienced team of hot tub removers, so no matter what kind of tub you have for us, it’s a sure bet we can remove it for you!

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Everyone likes soaking in a clean, brand-new hot tub. However, if your hot tub is old, damaged, and filthy, chances are, you’re staying far, far away from it. If you’re not using your tub, why keep it around? Instead, get in touch with an Orlando junk removal business to remove it for you, such as Junk Removal Rangers! Our hot tub removal in Orlando, FL makes it easy to get an unwanted hot tub out of your life for good!

Why Our Hot Tub Removal Service?

Hot tub removal, jacuzzi removal, and spa removal are all difficult jobs. Not only that, but they’re jobs that require heavy lifting and perhaps even some demolition experience. Does this sound like too much for you to handle? There’s no shame in contacting Junk Removal Rangers for hot tub removal in Orlando, FL instead. We are a locally owned junk removal company that is happy to take unwanted things off your hands, hot tubs included! Our friendly crew can remove your hot tub in a flash, and best of all, we’ll get the work done for a fair, affordable price as well.


Hot Tub Removal Experts

Varying sizes and kinds of tubs require different approaches from our crew. Smaller tubs can sometimes be picked up and hauled away as if they were a piece of furniture. However, your hot tub’s setup might be more complicated. If so, we can slice the tub into smaller pieces to make it easier to remove. We can even pierce through concrete if necessary. Just know that we are fully insured, which is just another reason to leave the potentially dangerous demolition work to us.

Junk Removal Rangers is here to serve you, so if you want an appointment, don’t hesitate to contact us online. We’ll just ask you a few questions about the hot tub, where it’s located, and when you want our service. In fact, you’ll be delighted to learn that we offer same-day and next-day appointments. That way, you can get rid of that hot tub ASAP!

How Our Hot Tub Haul Away Works
  1. Before we arrive, please ensure that the tub has been drained, disconnected from power, and disconnected from plumbing. We can take care of all the rest of the work for you.
  2. We will give you a courtesy call shortly before our arrival. Once we have made it there, accept our upfront service quote, and we will begin removing the hot tub right away.
  3. Whether the job entails hauling, cutting, or removing concrete, we can get it done. You just sit back and enjoy the show. You don’t have to do any of the work at this point.
  4. Finally, we’ll accept your payment and get out of your hair! We will ensure your hot tub is properly disposed of after your appointment.

Concrete Removal During Hot Tub Removal Projects

One of the most difficult parts of a hot tub removal job is often concrete removal. After all, isn’t being immovable and unshakeable the entire point of concrete? However, concrete isn’t as invincible as you might think, and Junk Removal Rangers can prove it to you. Let’s say there is a concrete platform underneath your hot tub. There are ways to remove it. One of the simplest methods is to take a sledgehammer to it! You’d be surprised what a clean swing of a sledgehammer can accomplish. It can shatter the concrete, allowing us to pick up the pieces and haul them away. Of course, we’ll wear protective equipment, and we’ll ask you to keep your distance, too.

When concrete needs to be removed in a cleaner way, there are alternatives. For example, a reciprocating saw with a diamond blade can remarkably slice right through concrete in orderly straight lines. We’ll bring this tool with us just in case its use is required. The long story short is that even the toughest concrete foundations won’t stop us from completing hot tub removal in Orlando, FL!

About Us

Junk Removal Rangers, a veteran-owned business in Orlando, is happy to haul away your hot tubs, spas, jacuzzis, and more! We are a local company, so when you choose us, you’re choosing to support your neighborhood entrepreneurs and your area’s economy. In return, we’ll work quickly, never dragging our feet and never wasting your time. You’ll also love our fair prices, our friendly service, and the way we always put you, the customer, first! We’ll remove your hot tub and reclaim that free space for you. That way, you can use it for a garden, a deck, or anything else, really!