Get Rid of Old Mattress in Orlando: Removal, Recycling & Donation Services

It is an unseemly nuisance and a lack of style and environmental responsibility to throw away your old mattresses on Orlando’s curb. Instead of exhausting yourself to get rid of it, why not just schedule its removal with professionals? Choose an easy mattress removal service in Orlando, Florida that can come to your house on your time or offer curbside and in-home collection choices.

In Orlando, Florida, you can rely on excellent hauling services and enjoy the convenience of an online booking system. A professional mattress disposal team offers polite, no-touch pickups inside and outside of your house.

Disposing of an Old Mattress in Orlando, FL

disposing of old mattress in orlando

Do you live in Orange County and need help getting rid of your old bed frame, box springs, or mattress? Steer clear of curbside abandonment! Make a positive impact on the Orlando community.

Getting rid of your mattress in Orlando can be accomplished in a few different ways, such as donating, giving away, or selling your mattress, visiting a recycling center, arranging for bulk waste collection in your area, or contacting a mattress removal professional.

Furthermore, here are the following options for getting rid of old mattresses in Orlando.


If your mattress is in good shape and could benefit someone else, you might want to think about donating it to make a bigger difference in someone’s life. One of the few local charities centers around the Orlando area that takes mattresses is St. Vincent De Paul, which makes it one of the best options for mattress donations.

They also take in bed frames and linens. It is advisable to get in touch with them beforehand to confirm that they will accept mattresses.

There are also plenty of new mattress recycling programs with mattress recycling councils at local businesses in the city of Orlando, make sure to contact them before you drop off your old mattress disposal.

Giving Away or Selling

You can probably count on someone taking your mattress off your hands for free or perhaps repaying you for it if it’s in good condition. A lot of individuals prefer to spend less money on a gently used mattress than to shell out hundreds or thousands for a brand-new one.

If you decide to market your mattress online, be sure to take clear, high-quality pictures and tell those who are interested that there are no stains or bed bugs on it. Also, while selling online, always exercise precaution and common sense. Meet in a public place or have another person present throughout the sale.

Green Mattress Recycling

how to get rid of old mattress in orlando

There are between 15 to 35 million mattresses thrown away each year, most of which wind up in landfills and create pollution. By recycling a single mattress, you may save about 65 pounds of hazardous waste materials out of landfill space and use the resources to make new, eco-friendly products.

Not all mattresses are made the same, though; many of them include potentially hazardous and non-biodegradable substances that could leak into public drinking water and endanger public health.

Recycling your old mattress is preferable to tossing it in the waste. By doing this, you can prevent potentially hazardous substances from entering the natural environment and conserve room in landfills.

An excellent method to reduce costs and protect the environment is to recycle and get rid of old mattresses in Orlando properly. Here’s a guide on how to accomplish it.

  • You should first rip off the cover to be able to separate the raw materials, metal box springs, and foam components within.
  • You can drop off the metal at your neighborhood scrap metal yard, and they’ll probably even pay you a little cash in exchange. It will be recycled and melted down afterward.
  • You can bring the foam to a nearby carpet factory, recycling facilities, or someone else – look for anyone in need of foam online. It will be used by carpet manufacturers to provide cushioning for their carpets. Before traveling, make sure to give them a call and ensure that the facility will take used foam from the general public. Many manufacturers are out there, producing everything from dog beds to bean bag chairs, pillows, and more that will gladly take unwanted foam.

How Mattress Disposal Works

old mattress in orlando

Once you give us a call to make arrangements for your old mattress disposal in Orlando, our team will be there at your place at the pre-arranged time. Our team then will give you a heads-up through text and call to confirm the time of our arrival.

Let us handle the heavy lifting, removal, and disposal. If your mattress can still be recovered, we will recycle it or donate it as part of our commitment to environmentally friendly ways. Our dedication to proper disposal procedures means that you ought to get a stress-free mattress removal service.

Do you provide old mattresses for curbside pickup in Orlando?

Indeed! It’s simple to arrange for curbside pickup of your old mattresses in Orlando. Just enter your zip code to see local availability and upfront pricing when making an online reservation for curbside service. Next, decide when it would be most convenient for you to have your old mattress picked up.

It will not be necessary for you to be there at the time of pick-up if you have work or are busy. Simply said, before your scheduled regular trash can pickup time, put your mattress near the curb, front yard or driveway, or on the porch.