Clermont junk hauling is one of those things that are easier said than done. Don’t feel like taking on this tough work for yourself? It’s a good thing that Junk Removal Rangers is ready to serve you!

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Clermont, FL, the “Choice of Champions”, is a fantastic place to be in the state of Florida. Here, people’s hopes and dreams go as high as the Florida Citrus Tower. Residents live comfortable lives with their families in many different neighborhoods, and there are many stores, restaurants, and other businesses to visit, too. However, residents and businesses alike sometimes generate excess waste that they need to get rid of, and this waste can sour your mood fast. Are the city’s pickup services rejecting your junk? Need to find someone who can take it? Ask Junk Removal Rangers for junk removal services in Clermont, FL today!

service areas as well! Our professionals have taken on many junk removal projects before, so rest assured that yours will be a piece of cake for us. Contact us today, and we can be there as soon as today or tomorrow to haul your junk off your property and to our truck!


Do-it-yourself junk removal can be a real pain in your neck. Think about everything that goes towards this sort of work. For one, you have to do a large amount of physical labor, carrying load after load of junk out your door and to the curb. Things only get worse if the city doesn’t want to pick up your garbage, as the responsibility of disposing of it falls upon you instead. Now you have to rent a vehicle so you can go to a dump. Then, you have to pay dump fees! Isn’t this all a bit much? To skip all these hassles, contact Junk Removal Rangers for junk removal services in Clermont, FL. Our full-service crew can do all the work for you, meaning while we’re hauling junk, you can take a seat, pop open a cold drink, and enjoy yourself for a while!

What do we ask for in return for our services? A fair amount of your money. While other junk removal businesses will charge you ludicrous amounts for their work, we are different because we don’t have to pay any franchise fees. After all, we’re locally owned, meaning it’s cheaper for us to operate—and cheaper for you to hire. Additionally, we won’t slip any surcharges onto your final bill. Instead, we’ll quote you upfront, and we’ll stick to that price from start to finish.


  1. Some junk removal crews might like showing up late, but not us. In fact, we’re always on time during the 2-hour arrival window, so you can count on us to be there when you need us to be.
  2. Upon our arrival, we’ll ask to see any and all junk you need to get rid of. Let us take a look at it, then approve our upfront service quote so we can start hauling it all away!
  3. Our crew will work quickly to lug all your junk to our truck. Once we’ve hauled it all, we’ll make sure we didn’t leave anything behind before requesting payment.
  4. Finally, we will head out so we can dispose of the junk. Now you can enjoy the rest of your day in a clean and clutter-free space! How nice is that?


Junk removal companies can cut you some slack when you’re busy with other things. Perhaps one of the best examples of this is our construction debris removal. As you can imagine, construction workers already have their work cut out for them. Cleaning up that construction waste when they’re done is probably something they’d like to leave to someone else. Well, for the construction workers, remodelers, and renovators of Clermont, we’re here to help! Allow our crew to clean up your bricks, blocks, drywall, lumber, scrap metal, and other construction debris items. That way, you can focus on the project at hand instead!


Junk Removal Rangers appreciates our community because of how much they’ve given to us. They’ve chosen us as their go-to junk removal force, and because of that, we’ve skyrocketed into success. Now, it’s our turn to give back to the community. Book an appointment with us to enjoy fair, volume-based prices with no hidden fees attached. Our friendly staff will treat you right, and what’s more, they’ll donate any lightly used items they collect to help reduce waste and support local charity efforts at the same time. There’s a lot to like about what Junk Removal Rangers is doing!


Need to tear down that old deck or rickety shed? We also do light demolition! No matter what you need, you’ll be treated fairly by our team of professionals. Our service area covers the Greater Orlando Area, and we can get to you fast since we’re owned and operated in Orlando.