How Long Does It Take To Pack A House

“How long does it take to pack a house” is a common question asked by homeowners. You need a lot of time to pack your house. However, estimating how long you’ll need to pack a house is not always simple. Although most individuals attempt to estimate based on the size of their house, other factors are important as well, such as the quantity of belongings you own and the number of people who will help you start packing.

Although there’s no way to tell you exactly how much time and effort you’ll need to put into getting ready for packing a house, the information provided below should help you get some ideas. Start your planning early and consider adding one or two extra days to your estimate just to be cautious. You’ll be more relaxed when you get the time to pack your house if you take the extra time to plan and prepare ahead of time for your move.

How Long Does It Take To Pack A House?

Packing a three-bedroom house usually takes three to five days. Remember that this requires more than a few hours of packing each night—three to five days, of course, with breaks for sleep! Sometimes packing is simple and fast. For instance, dressers can be wrapped, saving you from having to pack your clothes. What’s more, you can arrange the clothes in your closet into a wardrobe box by simply taking out all the boxes and hanging items out of your closet and hanging them in the wardrobe box. You can purchase wardrobe boxes from movers or rent them out on the day of your move. Breakable things such as dishes, vases, glass/porcelain decorations, etc. are more challenging to pack. You’ll need to take your time carefully wrapping and packing each item.

Nevertheless, it depends on how big your house is and how many people are packing. It might only take a few days for smaller homes. Larger homes on the other side usually require more work, so allow at least a week for completion. Professional movers can often pack all the stuff in a room in a few hours, but if you handle the packing yourself, it will take between 4–7 hours for each room.

Factors Affecting How Long Does It Take To Pack A House

House Size

No matter how big the rooms are, if you live in a two-bedroom house, you should plan on taking at least three days to pack. If this is your first time packing, add an extra day or two, and don’t forget to set up at least one day for packing the storage area.

Consider every day to be eight hours long when determining the total number of days. However, if you think packing for the move will take three days but only spend four hours a day on it, you will have to schedule six days for packing and moving day.

Consider your rooms’ actual sizes as well. The larger house probably has furniture that includes more items and larger bedrooms with larger closets, even though the basic layout can be similar.

House Belongings

It will take longer to pack the more belongings you have. Think about what’s inside each room as you count the number of rooms. Packing the garage, with its cupboards, drawers, and shelves, could take many days, but packing a practically empty guest room or new house might only take an hour or two. It all depends on how much space you have to pack.

Don’t forget to take into account how many people live in your house. Two kids sharing a room typically have more belongings in that space than one would with all the supplies, even if it may not seem like it.

Your Level Of Organization

Being organized will make the move go more quickly. For instance, packing a craft room that has well-organized supply bags would take far less work than packing one that is overflowing with leftovers and incomplete projects. Make a list of everything that is in each room and calculate how long it will take to go through everything.

Number Of Assistance

You may save hours or even days off of the packing process with assistance. If you think that the task of packing your house will take four eight-hour days, then reduce that estimate in half if your partner or friend helps out. That one day of assistance, even if it is from that person solely, still cuts down on the amount of time you must give to packing. Your kids may take part as well, depending on their age. Older children can practically pack their rooms by themselves. Take one day away from your estimated number of days needed. To save even more time, you might be able to ask them to assist with packing other areas of the house. Younger children can assist as well by organizing clothing or toys. You don’t have to pack anything they don’t want.

Methods To Reduce Packing Time

There are some time-saving tips and methods to consider if you must pack quickly. Play some music to live up to the pace and be ready for a busy workday.

Begin Early

It’s always better to begin early because the packing always takes longer and involves more than you anticipated. It will go much more smoothly if you pack a few boxes every morning and day for the few weeks before the move takes place.

Get Assistance

The most effective method for speeding the packing process is to get assistance. Have a packing party with family and friends, or think about hiring moving professionals.  

Have The Necessary Supplies On Hand

Because they are more convenient to store and utilize with particular products, specialty boxes—like dishpack and wardrobe boxes—can speed up the process. Rather than removing items off hooks, you may, for instance, hang them inside a wardrobe box.

Handle Anything Once

It’s advisable to refrain from touching each object more than once when rushing. Prepare garbage cans, and heaps of stuff for donation and sale, and move them from room to room. To save time, when you come across something you don’t want to keep, put it in the appropriate container or box.

Organize And Clean The House

Continue by keeping your packed house clean. Moving is a great way to organize and simplify your life, but packing up a disorganized house takes a lot of time and confusion.

One Room At A Time

Finish one area before going on to the next because it is more effective to work on a space as a whole rather than hopping around the entire house. You’ll be more inspired to continue after finishing each room.