Hoarding Junk Removal Process

Steps Before Hoarding Services

Hoarding isn’t just a “switch” that can be toggled on or off. It’s a serious problem rooted in human psychology. The proper terminology for it is a “hoarding disorder”, and it can be diagnosed by professionals. According to Psychiatry.org, “People with hoarding disorder have persistent difficulty getting rid of… items. Attempts to part with possessions create considerable distress and lead to decisions to save them.” What this means is that you can’t just spring a surprise hoarder junk removal appointment upon the hoarder. There are many steps that must be made first.

To begin the process, an intervention must be made with the hoarder. Confront the hoarder with the reality that their hoarded trash is negatively impacting their life in ways such as the following:

  • Social isolation. Hoarders are less likely to invite guests over due to embarrassment about their hoard.
  • Health risks. As hoarded trash rots and piles up, it becomes a great place for harmful microbes and pests to live.
  • Cramped space. Hoards can unnecessarily use up space around the household and forces occupants to work around them.

Therapy may also be a useful tool for helping the hoarder come to terms with their disorder. A professional therapist can provide the hoarder with mental tools for coping with the removal of their hoard. For example, knowing that the memories linked with those items won’t be going away, or that there is more to gain by losing those items, may help the hoarder come to the conclusion that a hoarder cleanout will be for the best.

Hoarder Clean outs

Professional Hoarder Help

After preparing the hoarder for the removal of their hoard, it is time to take action. You can clean out the hoard as a do-it-yourself project, or you could hire a professional junk removal company to provide hoarding services for you, such as Junk Removal Rangers. There are many benefits to choosing professionals for the job, including:

  • Experience. Junk removal companies have cleaned out hoards many times before. They know to treat hoarded items gently so as to not upset the hoarder, and they know how to keep their cool and make a stressful situation as comfortable as possible.
  • Convenience. Of course, hoards of junk can be overwhelmingly large. Professionals are well-acquainted with big junk removal jobs and will not hesitate to plug away at the pile until it has all been removed from the household.
  • Timeliness. Having a crew of experts take on a project means getting faster results. This is good because, for the sake of a hoarder who feels anxious during the removal of the hoard, it would be best to end this process as quickly as possible.

Whether you or a company takes on the task of hoarder junk removal, don’t forget to check in with the hoarder during the process of cleaning out their junk. While they may have agreed to this, it doesn’t mean they are sitting there and enjoying the show. Provide words of encouragement as necessary and remind the hoarder of the positive future they are working towards.

Donating Hoarded Items

Hoarding help for families doesn’t have to equal a negative impact on the environment. That is why we recommend donating items that are still in good condition. The hoarder can even take comfort in knowing that their items won’t be going to waste this way. It’s as simple as dropping the items off at a local Goodwill or another thrift store or charity. Just like that, old clothes, toys, housewares, and more get a chance at a second life.

Hoarding services don’t have to be all bad for the hoarder. With the correct preparation and proper support, even a staunch hoarder can eventually say goodbye to their unneeded belongings with a smile.