Garage Junk Removal Process


Spring cleaning is an annual tradition that allows homeowners to clear out their clutter and start anew. One area that often needs attention is the garage, which can become a dumping ground for things that no longer have a place in your home. Here is our step by step guide for all your garage junk removal needs!

Over time, it can become cluttered, disorganized, and hard to use. If you’re ready to tackle this project, read on for some tips on how to clear out your garage for spring cleaning.

Even if your garage seems past the point of no return… don’t worry. We are about to outline exactly how to remove the junk and organize the space!

Garage Junk Removal

Step 1. Set Aside Enough Time For Your Garage Junk Removal

Clearing out your garage can take longer than you think, especially if it’s been a while since you’ve sorted through everything. But, don’t worry! We got you.

Set aside enough time, whether it’s a weekend or several days, to really dig in and make progress. This will help you avoid the frustration of not finishing or feeling like you’ve rushed through the process. Trust us, this is something that needs to be planned.

Step 2. Get The Right Tools

Proper cleaning tools for junk removal

Before you start, make sure you have the right tools on hand. This includes heavy-duty garbage bags, a broom and dustpan, a vacuum cleaner, and cleaning supplies. For a more detailed list of tools you might need, check out these tips.

You may also want to consider renting a dumpster or hiring a junk hauler near you to make the process go more smoothly.

Step 3. Sort Through Your Junk

Start by taking everything out of your garage and sorting it into piles. This step is important. One pile can be for items that you want to keep, one for things that you can donate or sell, and one for items that are trash.

This is a good time to consider if you need to call a junk removal company near you to handle the disposal for you. Sorting everything into piles will help you identify what you need to get rid of and what you want to keep, then you can have a professional haul it for you.

Step 4. Get Rid of The Junk

Once you have everything sorted, it’s time to get rid of the junk. If you have a lot of trash, consider renting a dumpster or hiring a junk hauler in Orlando to take it away for you.

This will save you time and hassle, and ensure that the junk is disposed of properly. Junk removal companies often have experience in handling and disposing of hazardous materials safely.

If you are opting to take care of it yourself, make sure that you know where to dispose of each type of trash or junk. You can find this by visiting Orlando’s official state guide.

Step 5. Organize What’s Left

Now that you’ve completed your garage junk removal, it’s time to organize what’s left. This is a good opportunity to invest in some storage solutions that will help keep your garage organized going forward.

This could include shelves, hooks, and cabinets. Make sure that everything has a designated spot so that you can easily find it later. This step is incredibly important, because skipping it could cause you to have to repeat everything again in the future. We don’t want that!

Step 6. Clean Up

Once you’ve organized everything, it’s time to clean up. Sweep or vacuum the floor, and wipe down any surfaces that need it. This will give your garage a fresh start and make it easier to maintain going forward.

Obviously, if you used a professional service, they will clean it for you. If you took care of the clutter yourself, be sure to follow safety regulations for proper clean up.

Junk Removal Rangers in Orlando Can Help You

Junk Removal Rangers in Orlando

If you can’t decide how exactly you want to take care of the junk in your garage, we might have a solution for you.

From simply hauling it off, to coming and taking care of a huge removal process, we will make sure the junk is gone. If you are in Orlando, simply send us a picture of the junk, and we will provide you with a free quote.

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