Can You Leave Clothes In Dresser When Moving

“Can You Leave Clothes In Dresser When Moving” is the most common question asked to movers., or whether they must first be taken out and packed separately.  This is a reasonable question given that dressers are frequently large, cumbersome, and difficult to move items. The answer is usually yes, although you might not want to, particularly if you are moving the dresser yourself.  

Can You Leave Clothes In Dresser When Moving?

Yes, you can leave clothes in the dresser when moving, but you will need to take the drawers out first. Dressers that have clothes inside of them become heavier to lift. Should you choose this course of action, you will then need to cover your drawers with plastic to prevent valuable items from falling out. This may work for local transfers, but not so much for long-distance ones. While it provides a quick and easy solution, bear in mind that it also lacks the protection and secure solution needed for securely storing clothes during your move.

It is most frequent and advised to move clothing in boxes, crates, or hanging boxes with rods. Clothes that are stored in safe boxes are resistant to moisture, dust, and dirt.

Considerations When Choosing Whether To Move With Your Clothes In The Dresser

How Sturdy Is The Dresser?

Dressers that are ready to assemble are typically less durable and more prone to breaking under pressure. If you are worried that it will break, it is preferable to lighten the load. It could be possible to move the dresser with the clothes inside if it is sturdy, well-built, and not too heavy to carry.

Is The Dresser Loaded With Anything Besides Clothes?

Take everything out of the drawers that are hanging, precious, fragile, or perishable, and pack it individually. These involve valuables including jewels, antiques, cash, documents, and other things. Only soft items and belongings like clothes, linens, and towels should generally be kept in drawers.

Is The Dresser Old Or Vintage?

To lower the chance of risk of damage again, it could be preferable to empty the drawers before moving dressers that are old or vintage. With the extra weight being carried, the last thing you want is for the dresser to break down or collapse. Regardless of age, remove the mirror from every dresser before moving, wrap it safely, and move it separately.

Can Two Individuals Easily Lift The Dresser?

Leaving clothes in the dresser drawers is likely OK if the dresser is lightweight and relatively small even when loaded. Take out the clothes and even the drawers if the dresser is already heavy or thick so that it would be easier for you to handle.

When you hire professional movers, they typically come equipped with extra strength and specialized equipment for the moving process.

Where Will The Dresser Be Transferred?

Removing the clothes helps make the dresser safer and easier in houses with small doors, narrow staircases, tight corners, or other difficult-to-access areas. To get past these stairs and other obstructions, it could need to be flipped upside down or turned on its side, which won’t be feasible with drawers full of clothes.

Will The Dresser Stay Upright?

It might be preferable to take the clothing off if there’s a chance it might end up on its side or in a different spot inside the moving truck. Whether or not there are clothes inside, if you do decide to leave the drawers shut in your dresser on a moving day, make sure you fasten them so they stay closed. By doing this, you can protect it from damage while transporting the dresser and stop it from opening during transit. To ensure the safety of the drawers and the whole piece of furniture, most movers wrap it with padding.

For guidance on how to relocate your dresser, use your best judgment. You can get professional advice on whether or not to unpack a dresser from a moving company if you’re still not certain.

Moving Dressers: The Dos And Don’ts

You’ve undoubtedly come across advice on how to move heavy dressers much more quickly if you’ve been searching for moving and packing tips. One of the few things that even professional movers sometimes struggle with is large, hefty dressers.


  • If the dresser is light enough to move, then leave clothes in the drawers.
  • If the dresser’s structure itself will stay upright the entire time, then keep the drawers filled in.
  • If you are low on moving boxes or space, then definitely think about leaving clothes in the drawers.
  • If you take out the clothes, please leave them in the drawers. You can use the drawers as temporary moving boxes.
  • Whether there are clothes inside or not, make sure the drawers are closed. By doing this, the drawers can’t slide open while being transported.


  • If the dresser is heavy, do not leave clothes in the drawers. Moving the dresser could be risky due to the additional weight.
  • If the dresser is made to be assembled, do not store clothing in the drawers. They are more prone to breaking down and are less durable.
  • If the dresser is old or antique, avoid overloading it. Having more weight on sturdy dresser may make damage more likely.
  • If the dresser needs to be transported around tight corners or upstairs, don’t leave clothes in the drawers.
  • If something is valuable, unsecured, or fragile items, don’t keep it in the drawers.

Not every furniture with drawers has to adhere to these dos and don’ts. Before attempting to move a fully packed dresser, it’s a good idea to ask yourself a few questions. What is the dresser’s durability? Can two or three persons move it safely? Do I have the necessary tools to move large, heavy objects? Do the drawers contain something that could break? How will the dresser and other belongings be brought into and taken out of the houses?